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Radio Fluke - Musical Press Kit

Approved artist bio for immediate release

Truly formed in the garage like many great things, Radio Fluke is your favorite 70s rock band reborn in a modern era. They are based out of Denver, Colorado with over 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. While Radio Fluke has stayed true to rock n roll traditions, they have continued to define the sound of modern rock, complimented by passionate song writing abilities, versatile musicianship, and a wild stage presence that instantly connects with audiences and listeners alike as they move towards the pinnacle of their musical journey. Comprised of frontman Kingston Lindner, guitarist, Caleb Rockenbach, bassist Michael Evans, and drummer Blake Petersen, Radio Fluke is a power house group that will leave you wanting more.

Top Songs

#1 (1).JPG

She Knows She's Trouble

11_Full Album Cover.jpeg

Before the Night Ends

11_Full Album Cover.jpeg


#1 (1).JPG

Get Me Outta Here

Press Photos

Radio Fluke Press Photo #1
Radio Fluke Press Photo #2
Radio Fluke Press Photo #3
Radio Fluke Press Photo #4

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radio fluke is an independent, self-managed artist

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